One Torah For All

One Torah shall be to him that is home-born, and unto the stranger that sojourneth among you.
Exodus 12:49



I have been in the ministry nearly my whole adult life.  Many of the teachings on this page can trace their roots back into the early part of my ministry decades ago.  Over the years I have continually updated them and changed them as my understanding and knowledge grew.  Therefore, before I have posted each one of these teachings on this website, I have carefully and prayerfully gone through each one to make sure that each one was as up to date as possible with where I am in my understanding and walk with Yeshua today.

I fully expect that I will need to, from time to time, further update these teachings as He further increases my knowledge and understanding of His Written Word and His ways.  While I do my very best to hear and obey His Voice in writing these teachings, if you the reader find something that seems questionable to you, please do me the kindness of writing to me and pointing this out so that we may dialog about it, and perhaps both of us can grow as iron sharpens iron.  I thank you in advance.

A note to the reader: As you read these studies you will note several things. For the name of our Creator we use the English transliteration of His name “YHWH.” We do this for several reasons. One is that everyone is at a different place in his or her understanding of the proper pronunciation of His name. Therefore, each person can see this rendering and easily pronounce His name as it has been revealed to him. Also, we do not use the Hebrew letters of His name so that if a person desires to print the studies and then later throws the studies away after finishing with them, such a person will not be guilty in any way of violating the commandment not to bring His name to nothing.

We also use the word “Elohim” when referring to our Creator. However, if the Hebrew word “elohim” appears in the text and it is referring to some false deity, then we use the term “god.” With the Hebrew word “elohim” there is no distinction between the one true living El and a false god. Both are the same word. However, for ease of reading and understanding we make this distinction for the convenience of our readers.

We use the Hebrew name of our Mashiach (Messiah) exclusively, which is “Yeshua.” Shaul tells us that we need to be careful of those who preach another besorah (gospel) and in order to distinguish the Hebrew Messiah from the westernized version, we only use His rightful Hebrew name of “Yeshua.”

We also try to use the Hebrew names of all persons and places spoken of in Scripture as well as the Hebrew names of the books of Scripture.

When a Hebrew word is referred to in one of our studies from the Brit Chadasha (New Testament) this word is taken from The New Testament, Peshitta Aramaic Text with Hebrew Translation, edited by The Aramaic Scriptures Research Society of Israel, and published by The Bible Society of Jerusalem, 2005.

All Scripture quotations unless otherwise noted are modified from the American Standard Version.
















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