One Torah For All

One Torah shall be to him that is home-born, and unto the stranger that sojourneth among you.
Exodus 12:49

Time for Grace
Traced throughout Scripture

Are you passing or failing on your test of YHWH's calendar?

Many, when reading the above question, will formulate ideas concerning the keeping of the calendar dates concerning the mo'edim (festivals), of which there are many. There are several calendars dealing with Scripture and the holidays, and even more versions available today. The debate is hot as to which one is the right one.

Before we consider which one is correct, please consider one bit of information. This is information that can and should be verified by each individual. Regardless of which calendar or version of calendar one goes by to keep the festivals of YHWH, there are significant happenings on the dates of the mo'edim of that calendar for those who keep that calendar. If there were only one correct calendar, then it would seem plausible that YHWH would meet with and bless only those who were keeping His appointed times on the exact, right date. However, this is not what one finds; but what one finds, is that YHWH meets with and blesses anyone who keeps His appointed times on any date according to any calendar, according to his understanding.

Please understand, I believe that we as His people are to be diligent in our walk and searching matters out. We are to walk according to the commandments of YHWH, rather than according to those traditions which set aside His Torah. However, when it comes to the calendar, there are no clear and concise commandments detailing exactly how one sets the beginning of the year. We are told when it is supposed to be, that is, in the spring, but YHWH, in His great wisdom, did not tell us exactly how to know which day in the spring is to be the first day of the year. This is extremely important, because without knowing the exact day of the new year, one cannot know all the days of the appointed times, that is, the festivals of YHWH. It is no surprise then that the emotions surrounding this question are so very high and the whole calendar question is so hotly debated.

YHWH has put some great detail about many things in His written word, so why did He not put any detail in His written word about how to determine the beginning of the new year when so many other things are dependent upon it? This is a critical and important question!

We opened this essay with a question. The question is not dealing with the keeping of the calendar, as one might suppose upon first reading. As the title of this essay would suggest, the opening question is not about the calendar so much as it is about how one is treating his fellow servants, who also follow YHWH/Yeshua. This is the true test of the calendar. Am I willing to give grace to someone who has been given a different understanding of the calendar, and who keeps the appointed times of YHWH on days different than when I keep them?

Perhaps, just perhaps, the whole intention of YHWH in not putting more detail in His written word concerning the calendar, and specifically exactly how to determine the beginning of the new year, is to test His people. (For more information on testing please see the study: Testing of the Set-apart Ones) Could it be that YHWH's sole intent concerning the calendar is to test you? Therefore, let me ask the question again: Are you passing or failing on your test of YHWH's calendar? Are you willing to give grace to those who also keep His appointed times, but keep them on different days?

Remember, the grace you give is the grace you shall receive!

Shabbat Shalom
Zerubbabel ben Emunah