One Torah For All

One Torah shall be to him that is home-born, and unto the stranger that sojourneth among you.
Exodus 12:49

The Tell

Once I receive the tell
To march into the gates of Hell,
You better get out of my way
Because I am on my way.
And none dare say,
Hey, hey, hey,
You had better stay
Right where you are,
For it is much too far.
You ought to march to a star
For you’re going in the wrong direction.
But it was not my selection
That sent me on this journey.
For this, you see,
Is the key
For all of eternity
To the Peace and Power of Life,
And living with no inner strife.
By giving Yeshua complete control
No matter what be my role.

Zerubbabel ben Emunah
November 4, 1994