One Torah For All

One Torah shall be to him that is home-born, and unto the stranger that sojourneth among you.
Exodus 12:49

The Sign of the Television

The Word of YHWH came to me and said, “Servant of Mine, what do you see?” I replied, “I see a television.” The Word of YHWH said to me, “This is the sign I have given to this great and vast people. There is much violence and bloodshed upon this thing. My people who are called by My name sit and watch murders, rapes, sexual acts of immorality, lewdness, and things that even the people of Sodom and Gomorrah never thought of in all their evil days. But My people watch these things and laugh, eat, and drink, having their parties while the world rushes on to judgment day. Will they not stop and hear My Voice calling to them to put this wickedness away from before their eyes, and take it away out of their ears? If they continue to fill their minds and hearts with these wicked and evil pictures and sounds, then I will give them over to the lust of these things and they will no more be called by My Name. But if they will repent and put this wickedness away from themselves, then I will come to them and heal them and will be their Elohim. But if not, then I will send a deluding influence upon them through these pictures and sounds that they love so much, that they will believe them and not Me, and will depart from Me forever and ever.”