One Torah For All

One Torah shall be to him that is home-born, and unto the stranger that sojourneth among you.
Exodus 12:49

The Sign of the Mimosa Tree

The Word of YHWH came to me and said, “Servant of Mine, what do you see?” I replied, “I see a mimosa tree in full bloom.” Then the Word of YHWH said unto me, “This is the sign I have given concerning this people. The tree is full of beauty. But only on the outside. On the inside it is full of rottenness and decay. So are these people as well. They go about doing good, but their hearts are full of sin and deceit. Their rottenness has come up before Me, and it is an abomination to me. Say unto them, servant of Mine, ‘Repent and return to Me as in your former days when you followed Me with all your heart. Return and be healed. If you will not return, then I will come to you and judge you and remove you from this place and all will know of the rottenness of your heart.’”

Then many days hence when the tree was in the height of its beauty, Elohim sent a great wind storm and tore the tree down so only its roots and stump remained. And Elohim said, “Servant of Mine, what do you see?” And I said, “YHWH, I see a tree that has been torn down.” And YHWH answered and said, “As I have removed the rottenness and decay from this tree, so too will I also remove the rottenness and decay from this assembly.”

Then after several days YHWH came to me a third time concerning the tree, and said unto me, “Servant of Mine, what do you see now?” I replied, “YHWH, I see a stump with new growth coming up all around it, even up from the roots out away from the tree. What does it mean, YHWH?” And YHWH Elohim said, “I, even I, will bring about new growth to replace and exceed the old dead and rotten tree I have removed. And it will be a wonderful sight in the eyes of the righteous.”