One Torah For All

One Torah shall be to him that is home-born, and unto the stranger that sojourneth among you.
Exodus 12:49

Dream of Returning Home

Several days before having the Dream of Returning Home, I came across a website and petition on the internet. I did not sign the petition immediately. I sent a link to my dear wife and asked her what she thought of it as well. After she had looked it over, we discussed it. It was after this that the dream came to me early one morning. It was the second dream of two, both very clear and very detailed.

To truly understand this dream, one should read the study, Where are We, and Where are We Going. This study gives a basic outline from Scripture and history what one should expect to see in the coming years. The dream I had contained some specific details of the coming events regarding the return of Ephrayim to the land.

I feel confident that this dream was from YHWH, but I am a flawed man and sometimes I get things wrong. Only time will bear out which is true in this case; that is, is this dream from YHWH or was it simply a dream? I write it down and share it with His people for the edification of His people and for the building of His kingdom, and in particular, the coming together of the nation of Ephrayim.

The Dream

I was showed that this petition was part of YHWH’s plan to bring Ephrayim back together and that I was to help publicize it. Hence, I am writing down this dream and sharing it with you today. This petition is not for everyone. Not everyone who reads this and the petition will sign it. Most are to come later. In the dream, I was shown that I was to be a messenger to send out this petition and YHWH would select whom He will select to sign the petition.

Many people were signing the petition and that number exceeded the goal of ten thousand signatures. Legal representation was sought and secured for the organizing of those who had signed the petition in order to be recognized by modern day Israel. Ephrayim was recognized by Israel and plans were made to return back to the land promised to our fathers, to Avraham, Yitzchaq, and Ya’aqov.

In this dream, I had the distinct impression that this would happen very soon, within a couple years. This event was likened unto the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which allowed many Jews to return back to the land. However, this window of return for Ephrayim was going to be open for a shorter period of time than the Balfour Declaration and would be cut short with the onset of the next holocaust just like the window for aliyah for the Jewish people was also closed with the onset of the last holocaust.

Those returning as a result of this petition will not form the nation of Ephrayim immediately, but they will be recognized as a people once again. This sets the stage for the nation to be formed later.

If YHWH speaks to you and lays it upon your heart, please go read this petition and sign it.

The link to sign the petition is at the bottom of that page.

May YHWH bless you, and may He bring Ephrayim back together in His perfect time!

Zerubbabel Emunah