One Torah For All

One Torah shall be to him that is home-born, and unto the stranger that sojourneth among you.
Exodus 12:49

Woman of Yah

Woman of Yah arise
Come forth out of your grave
Woman of Yah arise
It is time for you to be brave.

Set aside all your grave clothes
Stand in all of His power and might
Do not be frightened, nor fear
As you battle the night.

Stand next to your man
As you give him a helping hand
As he prepares His people
To re-enter His land.

Your children need your strength
Admonition, correction and love
As they are trained to walk
In all His commandments from above.

Woman of Yah arise
Stand in His power and might
As you minister to others
In His awesome light.

Zerubbabel ben Emunah
April 24, 2010

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