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June 22, 2012
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New Look
New Series on Torah Society
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Mashiach,
Many of you have written to me wondering if everything was okay.  Truthfully, we have been blessed beyond description.  In the update below, we give a brief explanation as to why we have been out of contact for these last several months.
We are very excited about what is happening here at One Torah For All, as there are some changes we hope will all be for the betterment of His Kingdom as we grow and mature together in Mashiach Yeshua.
New Look/New Feature
Aleph-Tau Logo
With our readers in mind, we have signed up with Constant Contact, an email service provider, in which, we hope that this will make it easier for you to take charge of your subscription to One Torah For All.

Also, with this new format, we will no longer be sending out the newsletter with any attachments.  The PDF version will still be available on the website ( for your convenience.  The first few paragraphs of a new study will be included in this newsletter with a link to the on-line article, so that if you are interested, you may simply click on the link and continue reading the new teaching.

We will be adding new features to the website and to this newsletter as I learn how all the different options work.  One of the new regular features will be a question and answer forum, in which you the reader can write in and ask questions.  The question along with the answer shall be posted in this email newsletter soon afterwards, with the name of the person being kept in confidence.

If you have a question, please write to
Our dear loving heavenly Father wanted me to take some time off, but I was being a little hard of hearing.  So, He took matters into His own hands and caused my computer to crash, followed by my service provider crashing.  The latter crash was a major snafu. My website was off-line for three weeks.  I am just now getting back to the point where my email is working the way it should be working.  However, in all those crashes, I lost my email group.  So we are having to start from scratch again.  If you are getting this newsletter, it is because you have written to me recently, and therefore I have your email address.  If you would be so kind as to spread the word, so those who desire to, can sign back up.

It was some much needed time off from writing.  I have been at it for more than five years without a break and I truly needed to recharge my batteries.  We have some very exciting articles coming up in the near future, so please stay tuned.

Understanding Torah Society
YHWH has been giving me a major paradigm shift when it comes to understanding what a true Torah society should look like.  I am sure that paradigm shift is not done yet, either.  However, I think that I am now far enough along that I can begin sharing it with others.  I am not sure how many parts that it will take to get through this new series, but it will be exciting.  If you have any questions at all during this time on this subject, please write to me at, and we will do our best to answer those questions and publish them for all to benefit as well. 

I am expecting this series to be in-depth.  As such, there will likely be other studies done in the midst of this series.  We will put up a special section on the website so you can easily keep track of the series.  We are planning on starting this new series next week -- YHWH willing.
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