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 July 4, 2012
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Understanding Torah Society
Understanding Torah Society proposed schedule
Question and Answer
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Mashiach,
This week we Continue our new teaching series - Understanding Torah Society.  This week we begin discussing Public Goods--Order.

We are also including this week a proposed schedule for the Understanding Torah Society so you the reader will know what's coming in the week's ahead.  It looks like it is going to be an exciting and challenging series!

We have a question on the sacrifice of Mashiach this week below. 
As a reminder, the full teachings will never appear in the new format of this newsletter.  However, they can be read on-line by simply following the link at the end of the articles.  There will also be a link to the PDF version if you would like to download the article.

It feels really good to be back in the saddle, writing and sharing with you what YHWH has given to me.  Thanks for your support!
Understanding Torah Society - Part 2 - Public Goods - Order

In the introduction to "Understanding Torah Society," we briefly mentioned public goods. In this study we are going to examine the first of the six aspects commonly known as public goods-order. Once again, public goods consists of six categories: 1) order, 2) defense, 3) public health, 4) infrastructure, 5) education, and 6) social welfare.


According to the commonly held modern idea of government, it is government that should have the responsibility to maintain order. However, as we are about to see, according to Torah, it is not government which is charged with keeping order, but rather, it is every single individual member of Israel who YHWH has commanded to keep order. This is done by obeying His commandments.


1st Corinthians 14:40

But let all things be done decently and in order.


Regardless of what it is that Israel is doing as a nation or as individuals of that nation, it should all be done in order and according to Torah. When Israel is living according to Torah, then order is present. No man-made government can cause any person or group of people to keep and do the commandments of YHWH's Torah. Obeying the commandments of Torah is an individual choice. When a person makes that choice and follows up on that choice with life actions, then the natural outcome is order in the society of Israel.


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Understanding Torah Society - proposed schedule
societyPart 1 Introduction
Part 2 Public Goods-Order
Part 3 Public Goods-defense
Part 4 Public Goods-public health /medical system
Part 5 Public Goods-infrastructure
Part 6 Public Goods- education /educational system
Part 7 Public Goods-social welfare
Part 8 Summary of Public Goods
Part 9 Brother's Keeper
Part 10 Loving My Neighbor
Part 11 Personal Responsibility
Part 12 Justice /legal system
Part 13 Land Ownership/Stewardship
Part 14 Tithes and Offerings /economic system
Part 15 Obedience /sacrificial system
Part 16 Torah: Who is it for? How Many Standards?
Part 17 The Place of Restitution
Part 18 The Coming King? - examination of Hoshea 1:11
Part 19 Levites: their place and function in Torah society
Part 20 Every Man under His Own Tree
Part 21 Is a Torah Society a Democracy? /political system
Part 22 Serving YHWH /religious system
Part 23 Halakah - what it means to walk in unity
Part 24 Keeping the Mo'edim as a Nation
Part 25 The Place of Recreation - six days shall you work
Part 26 Understanding Torah Society Summarized


Question and Answer
Q and A

Shalom Zerubbabel,

Our Torah study group has just spent an evening discussing Son of Elohim Part 7: As Prophesied in the Torah Moshe B'reshit.  Actually we only got through the first three sections, we had so much to sayand we will continue it next week.  But we had several thoughts/questions we wanted to share with you.


Question: We have been going around and around about the purpose for Yeshua to come and die.  We were excited to read your comments about this in Part 6, the Kinsman Redeemer, but have some additional questions.  Many say that Yeshua was the final sacrifice; the sin offering once for all.  We know first that there are many sacrifices that are not intended to be sin offerings, and that sacrifices will resume when the temple once again stands in Jerusalem.But trying to fit Yeshua into the role of a sacrifice raises the issues of how He would not have been an acceptable offering-a few of which are:  His death was not painless; He did not die at the hands of the priest; and YHWH has decreed human sacrifice to be an abomination.  After all, He did not allow Abraham to sacrifice Isaac.  Would this latter point be not applicable because YHWH abhorred the idolatrous ceremonies that typically surrounded human sacrifice, not necessarily the sacrifice itself?


We simply find your teachings to be so thought-provoking, and yes, sometimes "brain-busting" that we have a hard time ending our discussions.  Thank you sincerely for your time and attention to our search for truth. 

Blessings to you,


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