Understanding Torah Society continuing series

                December 12, 2012



Shalom Dear Brothers and Sisters in Mashiach Yeshua,

The body of Mashiach seems to be fractured beyond repair in our day.  Is there anything at all which can unify His body?  We take a look at unity as it relates to walking together in Mashiach.  This mode of "walking" is often referred to as halakah.  Take a look with us what it means to walk together in a Torah society.

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Understanding Torah Society - part 23,

Halakah: what it means to walk in unity 


Amos 3:3

"Shall two walk together, except they have agreed?"


The above question is best answered with another question: upon what have they agreed? Well, according to the verse and the context, they have agreed to walk together-nothing more. There are many today who wrongly suppose that in order for two to walk together those two must agree upon all points in their beliefs. However, this is patently false. Why?


First of all, no two people can agree one hundred percent upon everything. It just is not going to happen. A husband and a wife, married to each other, do not agree upon everything. Yet they have chosen to walk together in marriage. Likewise, no two followers of Mashiach Yeshua are going to agree upon everything. Yet, by virtue of both of them following Mashiach Yeshua, they have agreed to walk together towards a common goal. It is the common goal upon which they agree. That goal is Mashiach Yeshua.


Romans 10:4

For Mashiach is the goal of the Torah unto righteousness to everyone who trusts.


Even if the two parties spell and pronounce His name differently, no matter how divergent those spellings and pronunciations happen to be, they are both walking towards the same goal. Even if one party refuses to acknowledge the legitimacy of the other person's spelling and pronunciation of Mashiach's name, it does not negate in any way that person's walk towards Mashiach.


Even with a vast divergence among individual beliefs, there can still be common ground in how they live. It is this truth, how one walks, which this study examines.

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