One Torah For All

One Torah shall be to him that is home-born, and unto the stranger that sojourneth among you.
Exodus 12:49

I have told you in advance."


It is where the unrighteous becomes the righteous; it is where weakness becomes strength; it is where the unholy becomes the holy; it is where the unclean becomes the clean; where the impure becomes the pure; where the tumultuous becomes the peaceful; the unworthy the worthy; the unsaved the saved; the unsanctified the sanctified; it is here where YHWH comes to dwell in the heart of man. It is at this very point of tension in one’s life that YHWH places the burden of the soul. It is here where one must labor at the task YHWH has set before him, realizing that he is not worthy, nor capable, of accomplishing that which YHWH has set before him. And yet, “he must!” lest he perish. It is from this place that this book has come forth.

This is not the ordinary book on Scriptural prophecy. This writer has chosen not to delve into a lot of the specific items that are seen by some as fulfillments of their respective prophecies as recorded in the Scripture. Rather, we will look at how prophecy affects us in our everyday living. One aspect of the Second Advent that we are particularly interested in, is the “rapture” and what the implications are for us today. In particular, this book will go through the Scriptures and present a study to the reader in which it will be proven beyond a doubt, that all true disciples are going to go through the entirety of the tribulation (unless they become martyrs).

Furthermore, it is hoped that this will begin an earnest discussion of what to do to get ready for the rise of the Anti-Messiah. For, if this is ignored, then that “man of sin” will catch the elect sleeping and many will pay for it with their lives. This is not necessary, nor is it the best that YHWH has for His people. His desire is for His people to be ready. After all, He has warned us in advance. Let each one of us choose to heed that warning from Mashiach Yeshua.

To the writer of this book, it seems that many of the current books on prophecy miss some of the most important questions dealing with this subject. This writer has chosen to deal with this subject in a manner that will, hopefully, enhance the readers’ understanding and thus his walk with Mashiach. It is the purpose of this book to bring into the discussion of the return of Messiah (understanding when He will return is crucial to living a life that is totally pleasing to YHWH) and the events of the last days, and the issue of being prepared to face the Anti-Messiah and the tribulation. For it seems that the Church is guilty of not only not teaching this material, but also of not preparing its people to be ready to face, and teaching them how to face, the Anti-Messiah. And regardless of in what order these events occur, the person reading and studying the Scriptures referred to in this book will be equipped to “endure to the end,” and to gain eternal life as his final state of being.

Just what has YHWH warned His children about? Has He not warned about the coming Anti-Messiah?[1] Has He not warned about the severe persecution (making war upon) of those who believe in Yeshua[2] by the Anti-Messiah? Has He not warned about the coming inability to buy or sell? Has He not warned that one needs to be ready to flee when the Anti-Messiah appears in the holy place? When one considers all these warnings YHWH has given to the body of Messiah, one would think that His disciples would be actively preparing for these warnings to come to fruition. Are these warnings being seriously heeded? One wonders! If one cannot depend upon the Church to get itself ready for what is to come, then what can one do to ready himself in light of these warnings that YHWH has given?

To help the reader in his study of this subject, the first area to be examined, although briefly, will be “How to Study the Scripture.” The purpose of this section is to help the reader in his own study of Scripture, and in particular, in his study of prophecy concerning the return of Messiah.

If one is to have any hope of understanding the subject of His return, then he must have a good grasp of how the Scripture teaches one to live in this present life. This is one of the most overlooked keys in understanding the prophecies of the second coming. In fact, it is doubtful if one can truly understand prophecy if he is not living in obedience to His Voice. Once a person begins to understand these things he will be ready to dig into the prophecies of Messiah’s second coming.

What is the “Blessed Hope”? The Scripture has much to say about this Person! An honest look at these Scriptures will be needed in order to see that the Blessed Hope is a Person, not an event. Coming to grips with this essential truth of the true faith will enable one to “endure” anything that life brings his way.

The book will then take a practical look at some things the reader can do to get ready for the coming of the end of the age. This is a concern of many, yet one not easily discussed for all the emotions that rise to the surface in such a discussion.

It is the utmost desire of this author that the reader not see only the words of these pages, but rather, that he would be propelled into the depths of the Holy Scripture. It is from YHWH’s word that one will find what it is that one so desperately needs. As the reader no doubt will be challenged by the Scriptures presented in this work, he must depend upon YHWH to reveal and open the hidden treasures that they contain. Let Him move freely, to touch anything necessary in your life; then you will become free yourself to answer the call of YHWH in your life. Many will hear, but few will answer the call. Pick up your duty as a watchman. Cry out the warning! It is from here that these pages have come forth. It is here where one senses the urgency of the Spirit to call out the warning before the night has fallen when no man shall work.

[1]In the context of this book, the word “Anti-Messiah” (with a capital “A”) denotes the one world ruler who is controlled by Satan, and the word “anti-Messiah” (with a lower case “a”) denotes anyone who is “anti-” (against) the Kingdom of Heaven. “For there are many anti-Messiahs...”

[2]This name “Yeshua” is used, as it was the actual written and spoken name of Messiah. “Jesus” is not used, because in large part, it does not recognize, nor celebrate, the Jewishness of our Savior. In addition to this, there are many cults today which follow a different “Jesus,” which has nothing to do with the Biblical Person who came and is our Savior. And so the name “Yeshua” is preferred to make a marked distinction between the true and the false. When quoting Scripture, if the name “Jesus” appears, then the Name “Yeshua” will be re-established in the verse.