One Torah for All


One Torah shall be to him that is home-born, and unto the stranger that sojourneth among you.

Exodus 12:49


Keep the Feast

Qorintyah Aleph (1st Corinthians) 5:7-8
7 Purge out the old leaven that you may be a new lump, even as you are unleavened.  For the Pesach the Mashiach has been sacrificed for us;
8 therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, neither with the leaven of wickedness and bitterness, but with unleavened purity and holiness.

In Scripture leaven is often used as a symbol of sin.  This is why YHWH commands us never to offer up a sacrifice with leaven. 

Vayyiqra (Leviticus) 2:11 
No meal-offering, which you shall offer to YHWH, shall be made with leaven; for you shall burn no leaven, nor any honey, as an offering made by fire to YHWH.

Also, Yeshua taught us concerning leaven on several occasions.

Matithyah (Matthew) 16:5-12
5 And the talmidim came to the other side and forgot to take bread.
6 And Yeshua said to them, “Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees.”
7 And they reasoned among themselves, saying, “We took no bread.”
8 And Yeshua perceiving it said, “You of little faith, why do you reason among yourselves, because you have no bread?
9 Do you not yet perceive, neither remember the five loaves of the five thousand, and how many baskets you took up?
10 Neither the seven loaves of the four thousand, and how many baskets you took up?
11 How is it that you do not perceive that I spoke not to you concerning bread?  But beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees.”
12 Then understood they that he spoke to them not to beware of the leaven of bread, but of the teaching of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

Those who rise up and would be our teachers often take it upon themselves to change and alter the pure word of YHWH.  This is often done in an attempt to elevate themselves above others so that they may rule over them, having a feeling of self-importance.

We are commanded to remove the leaven of man so that we may serve YHWH in the purity and set-apartness which He desires from us.  The only way to do this is to simply obey His Voice.

To keep the feast with unleavened purity and holiness can only begin in the heart.  This is where the issues of life are determined.  One may fool his fellow man, but one cannot fool YHWH.  YHWH knows!

Ivrim (Hebrews) 4:13 
And there is no creature that is not manifest in His sight; but all things are naked and laid open before the eyes of Him with whom we have to do.

While a person may think he is getting away with something, he is not.  A person may even think he can hide the truth, but he cannot.

B’midbar (Numbers) 32:23 
“But if you will not do so, behold, you have sinned against YHWH; and be sure your sin will find you out.”

This spiritual principle is found throughout Scripture.  The truth is that one can only hide his sin for a short season and only from other men, but he can never hide his sin from YHWH.

Tehillim (Psalm) 90:8 
You have set our iniquities before You,
Our secret sins in the light of Your countenance.

YHWH knows all the secrets of our hearts.  YHWH knows why we do what we do.  Don’t you think it is time to come clean and ask Him to purify you so you may serve Him with a clean heart?

Yeshayah (Isaiah) 59:1-2 
1 “Behold, YHWH's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither His ear heavy, that it cannot hear;
2 but your iniquities have separated between you and your Elohim, and your sins have hid His face from you, so that He will not hear.”

It is time for us to look squarely in the mirror at who and what we are so that we may have the good work of Yeshua our Pesach confirmed in us and that we not walk in vain.  YHWH our Elohim does not want to hide His face from us, but if we will not confess our sins, then He has no choice.


Yeshayah (Isaiah) 59:12-13 
12 “For our transgressions are multiplied before You, and our sins testify against us; for our transgressions are with us, and as for our iniquities, we know them;
13 transgressing and denying YHWH, and turning away from following our Elohim, speaking oppression and revolt, conceiving and uttering from the heart words of falsehood.”

The truth is that each one of us knows what we are guilty of doing and how we break our Mashiach’s Torah.  Why do we deny what is so much in our faces?  It certainly is in His face! 

Tehillim (Psalm) 140:11 
An evil speaker shall not be established in the earth;
Evil shall hunt the wrong man to overthrow him.

The Hebrew word that is translated as “wrong” in the above verse is the word חמס – which means “to commit evil incrementally.”  It is what Shaul speaks of in Romans 1:30 when he speaks of those who are inventors of evil.  Those who are always going from bad to worse are on a broad road to destruction, unless they truly repent and turn fully to YHWH our Elohim.

Mishle (Proverbs) 13:21 
Evil pursues sinners;
But the righteous shall be recompensed with good.

If evil resides in a person and it is not dealt with through the Blood of Mashiach and removed, then evil will pursue and overcome such a person.  However, YHWH sees those whose hearts are righteous, to do good to them and not evil.

In this season of Pesach, may we carefully examine ourselves (not our neighbor, husband, wife, kids, or friends) to make sure we are where we should be in our relationship with YHWH our Elohim!

Zerubbabel Emunah

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