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Concerning Shabbat rest and boredom posted October 3, 2012


crazy question -- what do you think about a person that says they keep the sabbath, but they find themselves "bored" on the sabbath?

I guess I just think it's sad for people to feel bored on the day we are to delight in. The King of the Universe wants to come and sup with us! We are rehearsing for the day when we sit at the table with Him...The Day when Yeshua will lift the glass with the fruit of the vine -- with us! A set-apart day, a blessed day, a prophetic day and yes a rest day! I think it's almost insulting to our Heavenly Abba to even tell people you are bored on His Shabbat. It's these kinds of things about some FB "friends" that make me crazy! I can't relate to someone like that at all...whew! Time is too short! Thanks for your input



Shalom W_____

Hummm... sounds like they have not learned how to rest.

Just this week I saw an interesting study which said that the attention span of people today is now only 4 seconds long.

With all that attempts to grab one's attention and focus in our world today, it can be difficult to learn how to focus upon simply resting and communing with YHWH. My favorite verse of many decades is Psalm 46:10, in which it states to "be still and know that I am Elohim."

We must learn how to quiet our soul and spirit in order for our bodies to recuperate.
I can certainly understand your sentiments and thoughts and even empathize with them. Have you considered that since this person told you this that perhaps he/she was crying out for help? Perhaps they were really seeking help from you on how to move beyond their present level of experience?

I really don't know anything about this person, just trying to sense in His Spirit what is happening.

Are you in such a position to invite them over, or go over to their place and spend Shabbat with them. to demonstrate first hand, how to delight in His Shabbat and in Him?

Just some thoughts...

It is sad that a person would feel this way. But when I look out over the landscape of those following Yeshua and Torah, I suspect that this is a more common feeling than we would like to admit. Why do I think this? It seems that many people come into Torah for a short time, and then go back to Christianity. I know that many of those who follow this path do so because they are no longer getting the emotional high from church "services". Thus, they become bored.

What many do not realize who are caught in this trap, is that these emotional fixes do not necessarily constitute a true relationship with our Master.

I am wondering if some of this dynamic is playing a part in this person's life at present.

Love and blessings


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