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One Torah shall be to him that is home-born, and unto the stranger that sojourneth among you.

Exodus 12:49



Our Place in Prophecy


Shalom Zerubbabel,

I was fascinated by your teaching on the timing of Mashiach's return in "Where are We and Where are We Going"; I had never thought about it that way!  It seems so clear the way you explained the time of darkness as the beginning of the new day, and quite believable when you consider all that is happening in recent times.  All creation is truly groaning.  But to realize that it will grow darker and darker before the light returns is a formidable thought.  No wonder we all want to hasten the day.  Which brings me to another  new way of seeing things---that the way we think we are hastening the day may actually be delaying it!   

And yes, it raised more questions in my mind.......

So, upon His return, which will occur when we are yet in darkness, it will continue to be dark for a time, and in fact grow darker.  But the day will dawn, and He will rule (this agrees with the way you have explained the Messianic Age to me before), and yet the earth will then pass away in fire, at the end of that 1000-year 7th day?  Then the new heavens and the new earth will be created?  More than my brain can absorb; I guess I'm still confused.....

I totally see your point about not trying so hard to fix Babylon.  I've long ago concluded that it is not fixable.  But at the same time we are to diligently work at restoring Ephrayim as a nation by..... drawing the faithful out of the church?  I see many around me who eyes have been opened to the truths and blessings of Torah, but so many are still so blinded by a lifetime of false teachings that they do not want to accept what they are shown, even if they admit that they see it.  (It truly is a major paradigm shift; I suffered that experience not so long ago, and am still struggling with it.)  And will there truly be a time when all Ephrayim will literally and physically return to the land?  Surely YHWH will expand her borders by then so that we will all fit!  What an exciting thought!  Or is "returning to the land" symbolic for living a Torah-observant life?

I must take some more time to soak all of this in; I think I am sounding rather befuddled today.  But as always, I am grateful and blessed by your teachings and your friendship,

your sister in Mashiach,



Shalom B_____

The dark of the night has a saturation point, that is, once it reaches a certain point, it can get no darker.  This is also true of evil.  When evil reaches its fullness, then YHWH always judges it.  While it will continue to be dark for a time after the return of Mashiach, this does not mean that it will grow “darker”.  I would not image that to be the case according to the type seen in a literal day, that is, the dark part of the 24 hour period, that is, it gets dark and then it is relatively the same until the light dawns.  Also, please remember that Yeshua stated that He would cut those particular days short.  Perhaps He does that with His return.  For when the light comes into the world, everyman is illuminated!

Yes, at the end of that seventh prophetic day, the earth and the heavens will be baptized or immersed in fire.  In Noach’s day the earth was immersed in water.  In the day of Mashiach it shall be immersed in fire.  Then the earth shall be remade or re-terra-formed another time.  It will be a new heavens and a new earth, or more properly, they will be remade after passing through the fire.

We are to bring back the lost sons of Ephrayim out of the Diaspora, wherever they may be found, whether that is in or outside of the “church”.  Trying to fix the Babylonian system, whether that is political or religious, only serves to delay His return.  Reforming the nation of Ephrayim will hasten that day.  Nothing else will.  But the reforming of Ephrayim, must and only be done under the guidance and influence of the Spirit of Mashiach.  All other efforts will fail or worse.  Yes, Ephrayim will literally and physically return to the land which He promised to them.  It is not only a symbolic return.  Now mind you, before one can return, he must first come out of Babylon, both spiritually as well as physically (and in that order).  Otherwise, he shall most likely not survive the transition back to the land.  It is a most unsettling thought to realize that of the entire generation which YHWH brought out of the land of Egypt (spiritual Babylon), that only two people out of that entire generation above the age of twenty entered into the land promised to Avraham, Yitzchaq and Ya’aqov.  Not a very high percentage to be sure!  This was simply because they came out of Babylon physically before coming out spiritually.  One needs to come out of Babylon spiritually first!  Will our generation fare any better?  YHWH knows.

Please understand what it means to live a Torah-observant life does not consist of a list of dos and don’ts.  If this is one’s goal in keeping Torah, then he has already missed it.  To live a Torah-observant life consists of shema—hearing and obeying His Voice.  This is what we must do to be able to enter back into His land.  We must learn to hear and obey His Voice in all things, great and small and leave nothing undone, not one jot and not one tittle.  Otherwise, the land shall vomit such a person back out of the land.  Please understand that to shema is a matter of the heart, a heart filled with His Spirit and His love.

Love and blessings


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