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Exodus 12:49



Concering immersion

Zer......I have noticed some Messianics can get a little mean with "Names" and other subjects, instead of teaching others with care, when new people are learning and are trying to grasp what YHWH wants them to know.

Some will say you will go to hell if you don't have this name right ect... I know when I embraced my Savior (with the only name I knew then as Jesus) that He was the same One I embrace today, except I didn't know His proper Name. Now I understand His name is Yeshua. 

I try to learn and correct what I didn't know, but I still come against others who confuse me and have yet another name and or names! I'm sure you understand!

My question is what about Baptism? People say you have to be baptized in the right name, but this one lady won't tell me what name she is referring to because she says Yeshua is not it! I have been baptised into the One and only Elohim I have ever known and if I don't understand terminology of names yet, I KNOW my heart was right!

Do you have any studies on Baptism? I am willing to learn, and YHWH knows I want to learn!
Thank you!      




Shalom T_____,

It is a blessing to meet you!  I look forward in getting to know you better.

Please see this study: The Way, The Truth, and the Life

It is not specifically about baptism, but it does have a lot about being immersed in it.

To be immersed in a Hebraic way would mean that one would not be touched by another individual while being immersed.  Also, one would bend forward rather than backwards.  Furthermore, there are many immersions, I do them often.  None of them saves a person, but it is a means to ritual cleanliness.

Concerning the names of YHWH and Yeshua, you might be interested in the following two studies.

Trust in the Name: part 1
Trust in the Name: part 2

It is difficult to understand some follower's somewhat militant actions concerning His name. However, while we cannot control their actions, we can control our own, meaning that we must treat them with love and respect, event though they may not be giving it out.

One of the reasons why I use the English letters YHWH for His name is that I do not push a particular pronunciation.  The truth is that there are several ways recorded in Scripture how His name is spoken, depending on how it is used in a sentence as well as what other words are modifying it in the sentence.  I use Yeshua simply because it is historically accurate.  I have on occasion attempted to reason with those who try to manipulate others into believing as they do and pronounce it a particular way, asking some of those people if they can show to me historical evidence that His name was spelled, written or spoken in the manner which they are teaching.  So far, no one has been able to show me any evidence.  There is plenty of evidence showing His name was ישוע (Yeshua).

I am a big fan of logic, reason and the ability to think!  Historical evidence is good, but one must be able to hear His Spirit in order to properly understand it in its proper context.  I am not perfect.  I am a flawed man.  However, I do my very best to hear and obey His Voice when I write.  I want His words written down, not my own.  I know that I am not 100% successful in this endeavor, and when He shows me a place where I am mistaken, I change it!

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance in your walk, as we walk together, side by side.

Love and blessings


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