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Exodus 12:49



Shalom, achi!

I have a question: according to your understanding, when do you think Yom Teruah will be? 09/18 or 09/19? I've heard 09/17, but that seems to make the 6th month a 28th day if my calculations are correct.

Todah rabah, achi!


Shalom O________

Since we have to wait until the sighting of the new moon, we do not yet know when any of the fall feasts will be.

The length of the month is not really relavant. Sometimes there are only 28 days in a month. Several years ago, there were two or three 28 day months in that year. This happens when clouds prevent the sighting of the moon and it goes to a 30 day month by default. Then, when the moon is finally sighted, it shortens the month. It is my understanding that YHWH does this in order to see if we are listening and watching Him and His ways and following Him rather than man's inventions. His calendar is self correcting, if we let it be and don't try to force it to our own schedules.

Hope this helps.

Love and blessings


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